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    My name is Dr. Carlos Vazquez and I am the host of the national Web TV Show and Radio show “Circle of Insight” which explores the many facets of human behavior such as “the mind of a killer”,“what is consciousness ?”, “Do we need God?” , “The life of an actor”, “The other side of fame”, and more.

    I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in being on our show? We want to do a show on your political stances and how you plan to improve America. The show would be 15-20min and can be done on the phone.

    Here’s a brief list of our prior guests:

    Bill Duke, played in " Commando", “Predator 1”, just to name a few; and was Director of Rage Harlem & Sister Act 2

    Kelly Carlson, played " Kimber Henry" on the 9 year hit TV show “Nip/Tuck”

    Larry Wilcox, played “Jon Baker” on the hit TV show “CHiPS” and Producer of the "Ray Bradbury " theater

    Ernest Thomas, played “Raj” on the hit TV show “What’s Happening”, and starred in the movie Malcolm X

    Bree Olson, Actress and Producer, also known for being one of “Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses”

    Nadine Vinzens, Actress known for her role in “Four Senses” and is the Former Miss Switzerland

    Jessica Sutta is an American singer, dancer, and song writer. She is best known as a member of the American Pop girl group “Pussycat Dolls”.

    Sheon, International Pop Singer and dancer.

    Emily Sears, International Model

    Lu Ceria, International Fashion Model

    Michael Bennett-Rossato, Writer, Director and producer of “Alive Inside” , winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for U. S. Documentary

    Pastor Robert Schuller Jr., was pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in California & Host of international Radio show Hour of Power

    Larry Holmes, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and legend

    Buddy Mcgirt, Former Welterweight Boxing Champion and Boxing Trainer to 10 Boxing Champions

    Kendall Simmons, Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers , New England Patriots

    Bas Rutten, Former UFC Champion

    Fred Claire, Former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Chandra Crawford, Olympic Gold Medalist in Cross Country Skiing

    Lenda Murray, 8x Ms. Olympia

    Diamond Dallas Page, 2x WWE World Champion

    Dr. Noam Chomsky, legendary linguist, political activist, and professor at MIT

    Dr. Erwin Chemerinsky, prominent scholar in U.S. Constitutional Law and Dean of Law at University of California Irvine

    Ben Jones, Former Georgian Congressman

    David Kilgour, Canada’s former Secretary of State to the Asia Pacific

    Young Kim, California Assemblywoman

    The Circle of Insight’s vision-

    Founded in 2013, Circle of Insight is an educational, research and training institution-think tank-whose mission is to explore the tough issues & questions and to create, develop, and distribute content that will stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious discussion in the hope of advancing awareness and education.

    You can find our latest shows by clicking here-

    Radio shows

    A conversation with Boxing Legend Larry Holmes (audio only)


    Video shows

    The Moral Molecule with Dr. Paul Zak


    The Psychology of an Actress with former Nip/tuck star Kelly Carlson


    Psychology of a Pitcher with Former MLB San Francisco Giants Pitcher Shawn Estes!


    Drug Dealer Turned Preacher with Justin Turnipseed


    DDP Yoga to Improve Health with Diamond Dallas Page


    How safe are we from being hacked with Cyberpol Agent Ricardo Baretzky


    A few testimonials-

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I thought the questions were thoughtfully designed to encourage discussion of some of the important issues surrounding the topic of media violence. We need more venues like this for researchers to help explain the meaning of scientific studies and help the public to understand the implications. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to follow this program on the web. They’ll be better informed on a variety of fascinating topics as a result.”

    -Glenn G. Sparks

    Professor of Communication

    Brian Lamb School of Communication/Purdue University

    “Circle of Insight is both educational and entertaining; a wonderful show! I recommend Circle of Insight to everyone interested to learn more about current ideas and trends in psychology.”

    Professor Fathali Moghaddam, PhD

    Georgetown University

    Author of ‘The Psychology of Dictatorship’

    At a time when the mainstream media lets us down just when we need it most,Circle of Insight fills that void."

    Alan Pearce- A journalist, broadcaster and author specializing in cyber-security and counter-surveillance and is the author of “Deep Web for Journalists: Comms, Counter-Surveillance, Search”.

    Many more testimonials upon request

    We have interviewed over 200 guests and counting! Here is an example of the guests on the circle :


    Former professional wrestling 3x champion Diamond Dallas Page,former MLB pitcher Shawn Estes, former boxing champion Winky Wright, UFC fighter Frank Trigg, boxing coach Buddy Mcgirt, Former UFC Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn, Former NFL player Kendall Simmons, Former Boxing Legend Larry Holmes, Former UFC Champion Bas Rutten, Olympic Gold medalist Chandra Crawford


    Nip/Tuck star Kelly Carlson, Sundance film festival winning producer Michael Bennett-Rossato, Sundance film festival winning producer Jacob Kornbluth, Vida Guerra, Former Ms. Switzerland Nadine Vinzens, Bree Olson, Porscha Coleman, Former TV star and radio host Manny Pacheco, Sugar Ray Leonard Jr.,


    Professor and theologian Larry Hurtado, Pastor Robert A. Schuller, Professor Bernard Spilka, Pastor Justin Turnipseed, Pastor Daina House, Imam Mustafa, Rabbi Joel Berman, Professor Richard Freidman, Dr. Amy Jill-Levine,


    Economists- Professor Miles Kimball, Agricultural Economist Bruce Babcock, Dartmouth Professor Charles Wheelan,

    Mark Skousen Economist, Professor of Economics Hersh Shefrin, behavioral finance economist Susan Minke, Princeton economist Professor Stephen Hanke, CEO of Farrell’s Mike Fleming,and more


    Neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin, Dr. Wansink of Cornell University,Dr. Moghaddam of Georgetown University, Dr. Jay Belsky from UC Davis,Rutgers evolutionary psychologist Robert Trivers,Body Language expert Tonya Reiman, Dr. Noam Chomsky, Yale Professor and Child Psychiatrist Dr. Kyle Pruett, Dr. J. Harold Ellens, Dr. Ralph Hood, Dr. Mario Beauregard, Dr. Peter Sacco, Dr. David Barash, Dr. Geher,

    Criminal psychology

    Forensic Psychologist Dr. Eric Hickey, Forensic Psychologist Dr. Christie Parrish, Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner, Dr. Kent Khiel, Psychiatrist Dr. Jerrold Post, Former FBI profiler Pete Klismet,

    Law enforcement experts

    Former FBI Behavioral Analyst Dr. Kathleen Puckett, Former FBI undercover operative Bob Hamer, Former CIA operative Bob Dougherty, Deputy District Attorney Tamika Williams, Ricardo Baretzky Cyberpol agent, Orange County Superior Court Judge Jeff Ferguson, former Warden of a Super Max Prison Dr.David Parrish

    Political Psychology

    3 Star General Dan Bolger, Canada’s former Secretary of State to the Asia Pacific Dr. Kilgour, Former UN director to Afghanistan Dr. Amirkhizi, Harvard Professor and Former Deputy Security Adviser for Israel’s Defense Ministry Dr. Charles Freilich, Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council,

    Other wonderful disciplines

    Dr. Michael Witzel from Harvard University,Anthropologist Dr. Meldrum,Dr. Campbell of Cornell university, philosophy Professor Robert Kane,Professor Glenn Sparks from Purdue, Linguist Dr. Karen Stollznow, Pediatrician Dr. Patricia Riba,Jim Rice NASA team leader of Mar’s Rover Mission, physics author Brian Clegg, Professor of physics Dr. Charles Adler.

    Let me know if this appeals to you. If you would like we could chat more.

    Our Motto is simple- Wherever there is psychology involved, we are there!

    I truly appreciate your time. Thank you.


    Dr. Carlos Vazquez


    Or 949-456-9215

Dr. Carlos Vazquez