Campaign Strategy




Why no fundraisers?  Why no PAC or corporate support?  Why a five dollar cap on individual contributions?
Here are my top ten reasons:

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BASE - My Progressive Plan to Shrink the Federal Government

Dublin_Castle_Gates_of_Fortitude_and_Justice_05.JPGFour practical steps:
1. Balance the budget.
2. Audit all Federal agencies and laws.
3. Show the effectiveness of charitable organizations
4. Exempt with a tax rebate for donations to certified effective charities

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Meet Charlie Earl - Region 3 Director

Charlie-Earl.jpgIt is an honor and a pleasure to introduce Charlie Earl, Region 3 Director for Votes Not For Sale.  Charlie will  be the  point person for Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.

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Live Life Without Fear

"You are a physician in Cleveland, you are a Libertarian, and you are running for President?  Are you serious?"  Yes, I am.

"You have to put together a large and expensive campaign team."  No, I don't.

"You have to raise a lot of money."  No, I won't.

"You have to make friends with wealthy and powerful people." No, I don't like them and I doubt they will like me.

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